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The General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter TCGV) will apply to all sales of goods and services by EPIRUS COSMETICS SRL through the virtual store www.prolivecosmetics.com to the BUYER.

In this TCGV, the main terms have the following meanings:

“BUYER”: person, firm, company or other legal entity issuing an ORDER.

“SELLER”: trading company EPIRUS COSMETICS SRL with headquarters in Pitesti, Str. Negru Voda, Nr. 22, Arges County, CUI RO 28504091, J03 / 737/2011.

“GOODS AND SERVICES”: any project on the key, equipment, material and / or part thereof or service, including the documents and services mentioned in the ORDER or otherwise related to them to be provided by the BUYER SELLER.

“ORDER”: An electronic document that acts as a form of communication between the SELLER and BUYER through which the SELLER agrees to deliver the GOODS and SERVICES and the BUYER agrees to receive these GOODS and SERVICES and make their payment.

“CONTRACT”: an order confirmed by the SELLER.

“INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS” (hereinafter referred to as “DPI”): all non-material rights such as know-how, copyright and rights in the nature of the author, the rights of the data, design rights, model rights, patents, trademarks Registered and domain name records for any of the above.

“SPECIFICATIONS”: all specifications and / or descriptions of the GOODS and SERVICES as specified in the order.


By placing an electronic or telephone order on the above mentioned site, the BUYER agrees with the form of communication (by telephone or e-mail) through which the SELLER carries out his operations. The order will be composed of the following documents, in order of importance:

1) Order (along with clear delivery and billing terms) and its specific conditions

2) Buyer Specifications (where applicable)

3) this TCGV

If the SELLER confirms the order, this will imply a full acceptance of the COMMENTS. Acceptance of the order by the SELLER is considered to be completed when there is a verbal (phone) confirmation from the SELLER to the BUYER without requiring a receipt from the SELLER. The SELLER does not at any time consider an unconfirmed order as having the value of a CONTRACT.

The SELLER will only consider an order confirmed by telephone as having the value of a CONTRACT.

Also, if from a system error or human error the price displayed is below the purchase price of the product in the importer’s offer or even 0, we reserve the right not to send the order at this price and to inform the customer about the correct price that contains the VAT and the addition As well as requesting it to send the order at this price.

Article 3 – Validated

This CONTRACT enters into force upon confirmation of the ORDER by the SELLER. Confirmation is only made by telephone from a www.prolivecosmetics.com operator. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale will form the basis of the Contract thus concluded, in addition to being the Guarantee Certificate issued by the SELLER or a vendor thereof.


4.1 The SELLER will use his professional and technical knowledge to achieve the result stipulated in the ORDER and will deliver the GOODS and Services that meet the BUYER’s requirements, needs and specifications;

4.2 The information presented on the SELLER’s websites is for information and can be modified by the SELLER without prior notice. Also, for reasons of space and consistency of the information structure, product descriptions may be incomplete, but the seller makes efforts to present the most relevant information for the product to be used in the parameters for which it was purchased;

4.3 Communicating with the store – it can be done by interacting with it, posting opinions on products or communicating through the addresses mentioned under “contact”. Site exclusions or ignored opinions or appeals containing insulting or inappropriate language will be excluded from the site. The SELLER has the freedom to manage the raw data without having to justify it.


THE SELLER may assign and / or render a third party for services to honor the order, informing the BUYER, without his consent being required. The SELLER will always be liable to the BUYER for all contractual obligations.


6.1 EPIRUS COSMETICS SRL is the sole owner of TU

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